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PERMITTED development…..

The rules governing the size of any additions you can make to your property without going through Planning Process were modified significantly in 2008 making generating the additional space you desire far simpler.

PERMITTED development….. THE FACTS

Permitted Development Rights are NOT SUBJECTIVE.
You either have them or you don’t.
You can either add space or you can’t
Neighbours do not have the right to object
Planners cannot influence your project


We will establish your Permitted Development Rights, and in most cases you’ll discover that you can now add that Loft Conversion, Garden Office or Home Extension without enduring the cost, time and hassle of going through the full Householder Planning Process*.

8 out of 10 of the projects we do qualify for such permitted development rights, allowing you to completely avoid the conventional planning procedures. They are completely legal, do not require any consultation with your neighbours or local planners and when checked you are issued with a Certificate of Lawful Development by the Council, and we do the rest. We often find that you can do far more under the rules of Permitted Development than if you had gone down the lengthy route of full planning. This could mean that your Outbuilding, Loft or Extension could be bigger than you had anticipated so as well as saving time and money, you can actually do more with your home than you thought.


In certain cases there are restrictions on properties Permitted Development Rights, for example with listed properties or homes situated within Designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  But we can explore your Permitted Development Rights, and in the vast majority of cases our clients are surprised by just how much freedom they actually have.
*Of course, if planning permission is needed, we are experts at getting it for you. Leave all the paperwork to us and we will do our utmost to get you permission as swiftly as possible.

For a detailed explanation of various types of permitted development you can download a PDF guide from the planning portal website.